Nib Nabs Baby Nose Tweezers

About the Founder

Hi, I’m Debbie Race, mum to Sam and Daisy and now designer of NibNabs®.  By the time Sam was 3 years old it felt like he had been born with a cold!  It was never ending.  Literally from one cold to the next!  I now understand there are hundreds of different cold viruses – I think we’ve had every single one in this house!   I desperately wanted to be able to make breathing easier.  I tried every contraption and snot sucker going. Aspirators were great for runny mucus but for dry bogeys there was nothing available to help – and repurposing sharp, metal tweezers was dangerous, and my fingers are too big and again I didn’t want to cause unnecessary harm.  The tweezers were close to what we needed but not right!  I took inspiration and NibNabs® was born (my third baby!)

I hope they make a difference to you and your little one when needed!