NibNabs® Baby-Nose-Tweezers

Why NibNabs®?

One of the most common illnesses your baby is likely to suffer from in the first two years is a cold. It’s not unusual to get over 8 colds a year.  Children get colds far more frequently than we do as adults, simply because their immune system is still developing.

What many people don’t realise is there are hundreds of different cold viruses.  It’s actually possible for your baby to recover from one cold only to catch another straight afterwards!

Stuffy noses cause upset and unsettled babies.  Difficulty breathing means little ones don’t sleep well or eat well, and then get over-tired.  It’s an exhausting circle faced by all parents!  Baby feels grotty, parents feel grotty…and the days (and nights) feel never ending!

NibNabs®is designed to help ease breathing through the safe and effective removal of bogeys.  Clearing a blocked nose will help settle little ones, make them feel more comfortable and ease much needed sleep.

Reassuringly, most colds will cure themselves, but because bacteria thrive in mucus, some babies can develop secondary infections in the chest or ears.  Removing mucus will help prevent the cold progressing to something worse, especially with little ones who are more vulnerable to infection.